Shubham Sharma

Coding Enthusiast, Critical Thinker, and an Avid Learner


Iowa State University


Bachelors in Computer Engineering


Dec 2020


Director of IT at ISU Student Council

Previous Employment

Developer for Iowa State University

Seeking for a full time post graduation employment in the field of Software Engineering. Eligible for OPT.

Work History

Director of Information Technology

ISU - Student Government

May 2019 – Current

  • Revamped the entire Student Government Website to a more robust and user-friendly design:
  • Member of a committee that oversees $11million of Information Technology funding
  • Closely involved with the President and the cabinet members of the Student Government
  • Represents the entirety of the student body on Information Technology for the university administration

Android Developer Engineer

ISU - Information Technology Services

Jan 2018 – Jan 2020

  • Lead developer for the University’s app for all 36,000 students, faculty, residents, and visitors in Ames, Iowa. 
  • Conceptualize, develop, and test native Android applications, including UI, core functionality, and third-party SDKs
  • Re-designed the entirety of the app to meet industry-standard performance and fluid user interaction.
  • Created and managed documentation detailing all aspects and functionality of the code.

Projects & Accomplishments

Research Study on Google data collection on users

Developed an .NET application which will parse through the files provided from Google and display analytical information of what exactly Google collects on each user

Deep Learning program to detect handwriting

Developed a program using the MNIST data-set to detect handwritten numbers with 97% accuracy

Awarded Best Team Project in Software Development

Designed and developed a next generation interface for 911 operators and emergency responders.

Founded the TMC Android App

Created the Android app for The Mind Care counselling and psychotherapy center

Developer for the MircoCART drone capstone project

Software developer for the senior design project at ISU. Improved the interfaces between the camera system and the drone.

HackISU Android Donation App

Developed a fully functional Android app for a Hackathon in less than 48hrs.

President of Rubik's Cube Code Solver Club

Managed a team to develop an algorithm to solve a Rubik's cube at any state within a second.

Project Chair for IEEE

Organize, assist and manage all the Project teams at IEEE, Iowa State University.

Implemented Grammarly Premium for students

Worked with ISU committees to provide ISU students to have free access to the premium version of Grammarly

Personal Skills

Professional Skills

  • Familiar with agile work development
  • Experience with working on JIRA software and Confluence
  • Detail-oriented and adaptable.
  • Knowledge in the latest development techniques
  • Comfortable with learning new languages and working in different environments.
  • Comfortable with implementing public APIs and libraries.

Technical Skills

Java, Android Development , Firebase, C#, Git and Linux
C, C++, Python, C#, Matlab, Tensor Flow, PyTorch
HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, SQL, JavaScript , VHDL, WordPress

Would like to reach out?

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